Fishers High School band photo by Brian Brosmer

The Fishers High School Band is an active program that is busy all year long. In order to help students and families stay in the know, we have a variety of resources available.

To help you stay up to date on information,  we send out regular newsletters and emails about what is coming up in our Band Program.  You can also find information, calendar dates, forms, on your own 24/7 access by using your Charms account.  To make sure you are receiving you emails keep your email address and personal information up to date in your Charms account.  Visit

1. Go to In the upper right corner, click Enter/Login and click Parents/Students/Members.
2. Enter our school code FishersHSBand. It must be capitalized exactly like that.
3. Enter your student’s password. It should be their student ID unless it was changed by you or your student.
4. You can then change the password or just go to the Home screen without changing anything.

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