Student Accounts & Fees

Students participating in Marching Band, Winter Percussion, and Winter Guard must pay participation fees that cover related costs including uniforms, food, costumes, equipment fees, travel costs, etc. Keep reading to find out rates and how to make payments.

 Fees for Marching Band

This fee covers expenses related to uniforms, flags, props, equipment, transportation, food, contest entry fees and staff. Gloves, shoes, socks (if not provided by parent), mallets/sticks, and other expendable items are billed separately and may also be assessed to your student’s account as needed.

If you need to make other arrangements, please let us know as soon as possible. We CAN work something out with you. Accelerated payments are always accepted. Fundraising opportunities will be available for you and your student, which can be used to help defray expenses. Visit our Personal Fundraising page to learn more about opportunities to earn money toward your student’s band account.

Students needing financial assistance can apply for a band scholarship. Complete Band Scholarship Form. If you have any questions contact 

How to Pay Your Student’s Account

Make a Student Account Payment
There are 2 ways to pay:

1) Pay via CUT-TIME through your student account.

 * A 3.61% convenience fee will be added to your payment

2) Write a check payable to Fishers High School Band Boosters (& PLEASE include your student’s full name on the memo line). You or your student can drop the check in the payment box in the band room when the school is open (just to the left of the band room door by the kitchenette) or you can mail the check to PO Box 188, Fishers, IN 46038.


If you have any questions regarding your student account(s), please contact us at

Mail Your Payment

Mail checks payable to Fisher HS Band Boosters (please include your marcher’s name in the memo line):

Fishers HS Band Boosters
PO Box 188
Fishers, IN 46038

Deliver a Check to the Lock Box in the Band Room

Drop checks payable to Fishers HS Band Boosters in the beige payment box, located outside the kitchen in the band room (please include your marcher’s name in the memo line).

Commitment Form

Each student and parent need to sign a commitment form prior to the beginning of the season. Once that commitment form is received the student will be required to pay the full fee for the season, regardless of the reason for withdrawal. The only exception is withdrawal due to injury.

If your child sustains an injury during the season that requires he/she to sit out the rest of the season, he/she is eligible for a partial refund. To request this reimbursement, the student must provide the FHS Band Directors with a physician’s statement that proves the student’s injury or illness prevents his or her continued participation within 30 days of the student’s injury or illness. This reimbursement is limited to any unused funds which were paid directly by the student or his or her parents. After a request for a refund is received in writing by the SAR, the director and the board will decide on an amount to be refunded. The amount refunded will be dependent on the percentage of the season that is left, and the amount of money already invested in the student for instruction, food, uniform, etc.

Requests for refunds must be made in writing to the SAR by within 30 days of the last day of school (for graduating seniors.) and within 30 days of an injury. Please include who the check should be made to and the address to which the check should be mailed. Please allow 14 business days for processing and payment. Read full Student Account Policy