Personal Fundraising

Raise Funds for Your Student’s Account

Participating in extracurricular band activities can get expensive, so the Band Boosters are pleased to provide parents and students with opportunities to make money to apply to band accounts. Below, you will find listed a variety of personal fundraising opportunities, along with details about how you can take advantage of them. If you have any questions about a specific fundraising opportunity, please contact the committee chair, as listed on our Band Booster page.

Payment Schedule:

  • May 20 – Registration Forms & Deposit DUE $150
  • June 30: $237.50
  • July 30: $237.50
  • August 30: $237.50
  • September 30: $237.50
  • IF PAID BY in FULL BY 5/20 you receive a 10% discount

For scholarship support, Download Scholarship Form

Conner Prairie

This is a great way to earn money for your marchers account. Check availability for specific dates directly with our liaison at [email protected] if you want to sign up to work. Volunteers must be 14 years or older. Adults will earn $12.00 per hour and Students will earn $10.00 per hour  (with 10% going to the general fund). Conner Prairie accounting cuts checks twice a month. Make sure that you always sign in and out for your shift, so that our treasurer can credit your student account correctly! Boosters can volunteer with or without their student, but if your band student volunteers as well, they must be 14 years old.

There will be a volunteer sign in /sign out clip board.  Please sign in and ensure your student’s name is listed also so that the correct account is credited.

Remember Volunteers need to be at least 14 years old in order to volunteer.  There are sometimes positions that require a liquor license and 21 years of age, but most of the time that is not the case.


What is RaiseRight (formerly Scrip)?

RaiseRight is an easy way to earn money for your student’s band account while you shop. Gift cards are purchased online and used at a variety of stores and restaurants. They also offer physical gift cards, some that you can even reload from the website or app. Register to participate at Please contact the RaiseRight/Scrip Coordinator at [email protected] with any questions about this fundraiser.  

How to participate:

Each person participating in RaiseRight needs to have a completed enrollment form on file with the Scrip Committee Chairperson. To get started with RaiseRight, simply complete the online enrollment form. Once the form has been received we will email you more information about Scrip, including the enrollment code that you will use to create your Scrip account.


Scrip How To Videos:

UNIFIED Boosters (Central Indiana Kids, Inc)

UNIFIED Boosters is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children to be able to participate in extra-curricular activities.  We help parents or other interested individuals raise the funds needed for the children to participate in these activities.  We do this by providing staffing for events (eg. concerts, sporting events).  Who are these staffers?  YOU ARE.  The money you earn is TAX FREE. You can sign up to work as many or as few events as you like. This money that is earned can be used to reimburse you for the expenses incurred and associated with your child’s activity (i.e. uniforms, equipment costs, gasoline for travel, hotel and food bills for travel).                                                                  **Please note, the Fishers Band Boosters and Fishers Band Programs are not involved in nor coordinate activities, share information on behalf of, etc. with Unified Boosters.  Any work you do and payment you receive is done directly through Unified Boosters.

Trash Bags

This is an ongoing fundraiser.  Rolls come in 5 different styles (see attached form) and are $13 per roll.  Of that, $3.50 from each roll is credited DIRECTLY into your student’s account and $1.55 goes to the general fund.  There is plenty of inventory to handle most orders.  Simply call, text, or email what you need, and delivery can usually be arranged within a day or two.  Checks to “FHS BAND BOOSTERS”.  Please do not drop off orders and checks in the band room box without letting Rachel know.  The sky is the limit as to who you can sell these to businesses, family, churches, etc.

Trash Bag Order Form

Contacts for Trash Bag Sales

Rachel McLaren - [email protected]  

Just 4 Kids


"Just 4 Kids Booster Club is a non-profit organization comprised of parents, family, friends, and supporters working together to enhance the participation of children in extra-curricular activities.  Through involvement in various fundraising activities members are able to help youth achieve while upholding FOUR core values, Fairness, Opportunity, Understanding, Respect.
Just 4 Kids is privileged to partner with event venues in and around Indianapolis to provide high quality customer service for their guests. The Booster Club needs people like you so we can continue our loyal partnerships and increase the participation of children in extra-curricular activities.  Together we enrich lives everyday.”
For more information and/or to register to work at events coordinated by Just 4 Kids, please visit their website.   
**Please note, the Fishers Band Boosters and Fishers Band Programs are not involved in nor coordinate activities, share information on behalf of, etc. with Just 4 Kids.  Any work you do and payment you receive is done directly through Just 4 Kids.