The 2015 Fishers Freedom Festival Parade takes place on Sunday, June 28, 2015. This year the festival theme is “Where Family and Friends Unite.” 

The itinerary for the day is listed below. Please read it, be prepared, and be on time so we can start the season off right!

1:20 pm
Load equipment in the trailer at school (large brass and percussion that have not taken your instrument home need to be here to help. Remember you have to provide your own ride or carpool to the parade site meeting location.

2:00 pm
Truck departs for parade staging area: will park on Technology Drive (see map below).

2:20 pm
All Fishers Marching TIGER Band personnel meet on Visionary Way (intersects Technology Lane, which is just north of  Lantern Road and Commercial Drive intersection — see map below). Fishers band is in division #5 and will meet on the west side of the building. Look for the RED parade shirts.

DROP OFF / PARKING – Parking is available in areas around the Fishers Library (Launch Fishers, Fishers Municipal Complex). For those dropping students off, you can drop them by the Library and students may walk down Technology Lane to Visionary Way.

Alternatively, you can try dropping marchers off closer to Visionary Way by driving up the back way via Fishers Corner Blvd. Parking in this back area is reserved for persons with parking passes (those marching and supporting marchers). Before 3 pm, you should be able to drop off marchers.

Leave your case in your cars except for large instruments which came via the FHS band trailer.

3:00 pm
Official marshaling time! The band should be in place ready to move.

4:00 pm
Parade officially starts

5:00 pm
Approximate end time. We will finish and march back to where we started on Visionary Drive. Individuals picking up anyone after the parade at Technology Drive can only enter at Technology Drive from Commercial Dr.

Large instruments need to load their instruments onto the trailer and meet us back at FHS to unload.

Please call and or text your ride and tell them when you are done!

We will march rain or shine.


  • Wear your FHS marching band uniform to the parade
  • Have everything you need to make your instrument work properly
  • Help load and unload by lining up cases, lifting instruments, etc..
  • Be on time, when you’re late the entire band is late
  • Behave appropriately and above all do the right thing
  • Avoid the perception of wrong doing
  • Be respectful to those who are volunteering their time to help us
  • Have Pride, Show Character and Build Tradition

Download map

A live feed of the parade can be viewed on the Fishers Freedom Festival website.