Officer Nominations have been open. The Nominating Committee has prepared a slate of officer candidates for consideration by the Booster Members. Nominations for officers may also be made by any interested Voting Member at least one week before the annual meeting, which is May 8, 2017. This will be shared at the Booster meeting prior to the final May Boosters meeting vote.

Every year we elect Junior Officers who serve a 2-year term in their positions. Their first year in the Junior officer position and the second year in the Senior officer position. *The two Senior positions are due to openings in the Senior position due to an interim position advancement and an opening from an Officer changing positions.

Any nomination for a candidate for an officer position must be sent to [email protected] no later than May 1, 2017 according to the Fishers High School Band Boosters Bylaws. The nominee must meet all criteria listed below from Article III, Section III of FHS Band Booster Bylaws. If the nominee meets all criteria their name will be added as a potential candidate.

All candidates for office must satisfy the following criteria, both at the time of their nomination, and if elected, during their entire term of office:

  • Be a Voting Member of the Boosters;
  • Be current in all payments owed to the FHS Band Program, the Boosters, and their student account(s);
  • Satisfy all conditions required for direct volunteer-student contact that are imposed by the Hamilton Southeastern School Corporation, FHS, or the Boosters. These conditions include keeping a current valid and “clean” criminal background check on file with FHS.


  • *Senior President: Robin Heasley
  • Junior President: Bob Kantner
  • Junior Vice President: Anne Rollison
  • Junior Treasurer: Jennifer Myers
  • *Senior Secretary: Molly Mudra
  • Junior Secretary: Jess Hodge
  • Junior Student Accounts: Barb Furniss