Who doesn’t love chocolate? Our World’s Finest Chocolate candy bar sales for Jazz Lab, Jazz Ensemble, Open, A Guard and Percussion will begin Monday, Feb. 11th and run though Friday, February 22nd. I will pass out permission slips to students this week. Every case contains a variety of 60 candy bars that each cost $1.00. I will be outside the band room after each practice to distribute chocolate and collect money from guard, percussion and jazz lab. Mr. Kunz will be taking care of jazz ensemble. In an effort to reduce the number of unpaid cases at the end of sales, you must write out a check for $60 made payable to the Band Boosters before your child can receive their first case and each case must be paid in full before receiving another one. At the end of sales on February 22nd, you may choose to use the check you wrote in the beginning as payment for your last box, at which time it will be cashed or you may choose to pay the $60 in cash you collected and get your check back.
If you have any questions or would be able to help out after practices you can contact me at [email protected].