There is a new change to Cut-Time that will make it easier for everyone to see their child/children’s accounts and information. There is now a Parent Portal available for use in Cut-time.

When you log into your account, not your child(s) account, the screen should automatically take you to the Parent Portal view. If it does not, then go to your name in the upper right corner and you will see a circle with your first name initial in it. There is a drop-down arrow next to the circle. Click on it and you will see a link for the Parent Portal – go ahead and click on that.

On this new page, you will see News, your marcher(s) relationship information, your marcher(s) finances, any open volunteer opportunities, if there are any events you need to RSVP for and any required forms that need to be completed.

For your child(ren), if you don’t see your marcher(s) there, then go ahead and click on the add a student/member. That will send a notice to the admins AND your marcher(s) – either one will have to approve the relationship before that person will show up on the list. One you have a confirmed relationship with the marcher(s) then you can also see their financial information.

The other areas are self-explanatory and work just like they did before the Parent Portal. For now, disregard the required form for the student health form unless we have contacted you directly about that.

If you have questions, concerns or issues with Cut-Time please email either Bob Kantner, [email protected]or Rich Howard, [email protected].