WOW!! WOW!! and many more WOWS!!!

Kids are doing FANTASTIC!!! I have not gotten all the figures complied yet from the last pick up, but we have passed any other year selling chocolate. I will be picking up another part of our order on Monday. We have a few more days of selling. This has been a GREAT opportunity for your accounts to earn funds for Marching Band this year with 90% of profits going into your personal accounts.

Has anyone found that Golden ticket? I will be out collecting and handing out more boxes Tues, Wed and Thursday this week. With the game Friday, I will be selling Chocolate before the homecoming game.

I also want to make a plea for help during the Invitational this Saturday. I will need a few people to walk the stands selling Chocolate. I need kids and/or parents who are willing to walk in the stands and possibly in costume and also someone to help out at a table with me selling and collecting the monies from the ones walking in the stands. This is not for personal selling, as it is a very limited opportunity. There will be spots posted in Cuttime for a couple of hours at a time. So PLEASE help me out to help support your Marching Tiger Band!! Those opportunities will be available in Cut time soon.

Keep up the fantastic work!!!
Mrs. Lupacchino
Chocolate sales lead