Thanks to all who have signed up to help make this a fun event! Band kids and adults had a great time last year. It takes a lot of effort from a large team to make it work. There will be a volunteer check-in table near the band shed and trailers (with the exception of the tear-down crew…just find me around 10:30pm for assistance).

Adult volunteers:

As of this moment, there are still positions available on Cut Time. For the set-up and tear-down crew, this will involve assembly and disassembly of props (made of wood, mesh, and other materials), and moving items on and off the trail. Comfortable clothes to work in, and gloves (if needed) are suggested. Insect repellent as well, in case the cold snap doesn’t get them! If you have cordless drills/drivers and bits, that would be great. Many of the props are assembled with drywall or deck screws.

For the generator/fog machine positions, this involves checking generators for, and refilling fuel, as well as helping troubleshoot any electrical issues we might have as the night goes on. We want to keep the trail open the whole time with everything working. Gremlins tend to creep in though.

If you’re working on the trail during the event, costumes are optional. Many adults did come in costume last year, or grabbed something that I had available at the event. On-trail security is primarily a supervisory role, so there are some adults throughout the trail for help if needed, or just to keep patrons under control and from getting lost. It gets very dark in some sections, and fog is present throughout.

If you’re of adult age, and want to scare instead of, or as well as work something like set-up or tear down, let me know. I’ll make a spot for you, or there will be one that I hadn’t thought of in advance.

Student volunteers:

Please arrive early for your shift, so you have time to get ready with make-up or a costume, and to be briefed on your role. Sign-up sheets can still be found in the band room. Wearing all black is recommended, so you can blend in to the surroundings and accent any costume or make-up you are assigned. Before the shifts begin, Mrs. Hazel (Oliver’s mom) and Mrs. McCready will be doing make-up for anyone who wants it, or doesn’t have a mask as part of their position. They are both way more creative than I am! However, I will have costume items for the various parts available, so you don’t have to bring your own. There are stations, each with a theme, along the trail, so please check with me before wearing your own costume.

Remember what Mr. Kohler said about not touching people as they go through. We are a no-touch attraction. Also, if anyone observes a patron touching or attempting to harm band people or props, let an adult trail supervisor know so we can take care of it, which may mean ejecting them from the event. Report to the closest adult.

Lastly, please stay on or very close to the paved trail; do not climb trees; and help make sure everyone is safe. Have fun!

I plan to be at the school after band practice Thursday (a few yard signs left if you want one) to answer any questions you might have. Or, you can reach me at the number or email below.

Monty Ewing
[email protected]