Following is the itinerary for the Avon & HSE Invitationals on September 26. Don’t forget Secret Buddies exchange starts today.

7:30 am  Report time @ FHS

7:35 am   Sound System, drum major ladders, podium and field set up @ Stadium

7:40 am  Stretch Block set-up – Morning Announcement

7:45 am  Rehearsal Begins

11:20 am  Load – Sack Lunch

12:20 pm  Depart FHS for Avon (in bibbers, Black socks, show shirts and Black Marching Shoes

1:15 pm  Arrive and Unload

1:50 pm Transit to warm-up

3:09 pm  Perform at AVON

3:20 pm LOAD

4:00 pm  Depart for HSE (in bibbers)

5:00 pm  Arrive HSE and Unload

5:50 pm  Warm-up at HSE

6:30 pm  Perform at HSE

7:00 pm  Load and depart for FHS ….eat at FHS and watch video together!

We’ve put in a TON of work thus far. Remember feet in time, straight line path, even step size and

PLAY! Do your best and don’t worry about the competition, you’re competing ultimately with

yourself! Entertain the crowd and have a Blast… and remember Have Pride, Show Character and

Build Tradition.