General Audition Information

All current 9th-11th grade students will audition for placement in our concert ensembles. Auditions will be held in February of each year to determine placement for the following school year. The audition will also count as a playing test grade for second semester.

Current (2016-17) 8th grade students will be placed by recommendation of the junior high director. If an 8th grade student wishes to be considered for an advanced band class, he/she may audition for one of the high school directors using the music below. We will set up audition times in conjunction with the junior high band directors.

Audition materials will be available prior to the audition. They can be found below and in the FHS band room.

IMPORTANT: Students must demonstrate a minimum level of competency to be considered for admission to any class. However, demonstration of minimum requirements for an ensemble does not automatically ensure membership in that ensemble. We will take the best performers as a result of the auditions while utilizing basic industry standards for balanced instrumentation in each performing ensemble. This will insure the proper educational experience for accurate and authentic reproduction of modern band literature utilizing the techniques gleaned from such rehearsals and performances.

A student’s attendance and rehearsal etiquette will also be factored into all audition results and any decision about class placement.

Audition Music

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
Alto Sax / Baritone Sax
Tenor Sax

French Horn
Euphonium / Trombone