What to Expect at Competitions (2018)

Sep 17, 2018 | Band Boosters, Guard, Marching Band, Percussion

It’s time to support the Tiger Band!

In the above video, Todd McCready discusses the expectations and procedures for competition shows. This is great info for new Fishers Tiger Band parents!

As we approach our first competition, here are some important things to know


  • All Competition Itineraries will be posted to the event calendar
  • Get your student ready the night before.  Maximize sleep and minimize stress.
  • Students must arrive at school in the morning with everything they need (shirt, shoes, lunch, snacks, etc.)
  • There is a full camp day that usually starts between 8 and 10 AM. Please check the specific itinerary for the exact times. This camp day is just like other camp days. The only difference is the ending time, which varies, depending on the competition time.
  • All Itineraries will be posted on the events calendar, so check back fo the details the week before.
  • Bring your secret buddy gift with you in the morning, they will be distributed during the morning block.
  • All competition performances times vary, and will not be set until about 1 week before the show.
  • If you want to be in the send-off crowd, plan to be at Fishers High School at the time specified for bus loading. Bring your energy and cheer on the band!

At the Competition:

  • You will need buy tickets at the gate for admittance to all the competitions. Prices vary and are normally general admission.
  • You should plan to arrive early, you might have a good distance to walk from your car.
  • Plan to arrive at the beginning of our performance block. The bands are normally separated by class, it is BEST to arrive at the beginning of our class.  Arriving early helps you find the best seat, and have time to settle in before the show.
  • You cannot enter and leave the stands during performances. There will be ushers who prevent you from doing this.
  • Wear your band spirit wear, this is why you bought it!


  • Plan to leave the competition and head straight to Fishers High School for pick-up.
  • The band might have a post competition meeting in the band-room.
  • Focus on the positive, always.  It was a long day, and your student worked very hard!

Here is the line-up of Competitions we are attending:

All itineraries will be posted to each event link below

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